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Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractor Old Ottawa South and Glebe

 A  chiropractic adjustment is a non-invasive manual therapy procedure in  which the chiropractor applies a force to a joint in a specific  direction, speed and intensity. The primary goal of an adjustment is to  decrease pain, increase motion in a joint and also decrease muscle  tightness or spasm. 

Medical acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture Old Ottawa South and Glebe

 Dr. Steve Pelletier is certified in a specialized medical acupuncture technique  named functional integrated acupuncture.  This technique uses dry  needling, intramuscular stimulation and traditional acupuncture points.   Functional integrated acupuncture targets anatomical structures that  are the underlying cause of musculoskeletal conditions. 

Sports injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment Old Ottawa South and Glebe

 Dr. Steve Pelletier uses different hands-on modalities to treat sports  injuries.  However, his main goal is to find the root of the problem and  to prevent the progression or re-occurrence of those injuries through  the use of corrective exercises. 

Graston technique

Graston Technique Ottawa

 Graston  technique is an innovative approach to the treatment of muscles,  tendons and ligaments. The technique is performed with stainless steel  instruments designed to detect and treat scar tissue build up or chronic  inflammation.  This technique helps to reduce pain and increase range  of motion. 


Kinesiotaping, Sport Taping in Ottawa

 Kinesiotaping is a taping technique that is designed to facilitate the  body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to  muscles and joints.  It does so without restricting the body’s range of  motion as well as providing extended soft-tissue manipulation to prolong  the benefits of administered treatments. 

Custom-made orthotics

Orthotics Ottawa

 Prescription orthotics look similar to insoles but are custom made to  correct your specific feet imbalances. Properly made orthotics help  restore the normal balance and alignment of your body by gently  bringing your feet back to a neutral position. Orthotics may help  prevent and treat localized foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, arch pain,  heel pain, leg pain, knee pain, hip or back pain. 

Dr. Steve Pelletier D.C. B.Sc. CSCS

Chiropractor and Medical Acupuncture Provider in Old Ottawa South

Dr. Steve Pelletier is a chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist and educator. He graduated from the University of Moncton in New Brunswick with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. During his 4 years at the University of Moncton he was part of the varsity cross-country and track and field team. He then attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, where he graduated with a doctorate in chiropractic in 2005.

Dr. Pelletier has a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries and overuse injuries. His approach to the treatment and prevention of injuries includes a thorough examination to diagnose specific injuries and to determine the causes of such problems. A treatment plan is then put together for you with the goal of getting you better as fast as possible with the best treatment options available.  Dr. Pelletier offers a wide array of treatment options including chiropractic adjustments, muscle treatment techniques, contemporary medical acupuncture, sports taping, Kinesiotaping and custom orthotics.  Rehabilitation exercises are also prescribed to prevent such injuries from reoccurring.

Dr. Pelletier is also an educator. He is a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa where he teaches sports injury, functional anatomy and injury prevention courses. He also regularly presents continuing education seminars to registered massage therapists, kinesiologists, personal trainers, nurses and chiropractors.

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